» A family business, with true family spirit and a shared passion for wine.

We have a wide range of skills and are responsive to our customers' needs.
Christine, Thierry and Patrick are the three owners of the Domaine.

Patrick Luquet : Renée and Roger’s son.

Patrick has been working at the Domaine since 1992.
He started out by learning the winemaking profession then gravitated towards the sales area.
Nowadays, he spends a large part of his time preparing orders
and selling wine but still helps out in the vines during busy periods.
Patrick speaks English and will be your contact person in France or abroad.

Christine Mathieu : Renée and Roger’s daughter.

Christine began working at the Domaine in 1987. At the very beginning she worked with the vines,
before emerging as a key person in our administrative structure.
Her main job is to welcome and look after both French and foreign customers.
Christine’s major assets are a perfect knowledge of the world of winemaking,
together with openness and outstanding professionalism.

Christine speaks English and will be your permanent contact person

Thierry Mathieu : Christine’s husband

"If you want to make good wines, you must have good vines”.
Thierry has been working at the Domaine since 1990 and is responsible for the vineyard, as Chef de Culture.
His role is to manage the personnel and to ensure proper coordination of the various winemaking tasks.
Thierry, who is conscientious and meticulous, is also active in village social life.
He was involved in the development of the Pouilly-Fuissé and Saint-Véran appellations

Sandrine came to assist Patrick in 2005.

As sales representative, Sandrine is responsible responsible for assisting our regional customers on a day-to-day basis (restaurants and businesses) and ensuring their deliveries.

Responsive to our customer's needs, she is the new “driving force” behind our business.

Sylvie Seigneuret, Sylvie has been present in our wine estate since December 2010.

Thanks to her great experience acquired in the wine business, Sylvie will help Patrick and Christine to welcome customers, answer the phone and prepare orders.
She will also keep her close link to the vineyards while doing seasonal jobs.
Her strengths: dynamism, competence and versatility.

Renée Luquet and Roger Luquet

Although he planned to retire in 2007, Roger will continue to lend a helping hand for several years, especially during vinification and busy periods of the vines year.

His record has been exemplary since 1966. His son and daughter will work alongside him in the business that he revitalised.

He is known for his passion for winemaking, a desire to succeed and his innovative spirit. In the future, you will still be able to find him in our wine-tasting cellar.

Renée, now retired, has dedicated her life to supporting her husband.

Thoughtful, attentive and thorough, she is familiar with both the hard work with the vines and working in the office.

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