» POUILLY-FUISSE "Vieilles Vignes"

The POUILLY-FUISSE appellation was established by the decree of 11th September 1936.
Located at the top of the best slope in Fuissé, this vineyard benefits from maximum sunshine and is protected by bordering woods.

Harvesting is done by hand in the traditional way. POUILLY-FUISSE "Vieilles Vignes" is vinified in new oak barrels that are 1 to 5 years old. The oak comes from the Troncais Forest in the Allier department of central France.

Fermentation of around five months in these barrels is enough to give it hazelnut and grilled almond aromas. Two or three years of ageing will be necessary before you can enjoy it with white meat and poultry with cream,
as well as all dishes prepared with smoked fish.

POUILLY-FUISSE "Vieilles Vignes" should be served at 12° - 14°.

» POUILLY-FUISSE "Cuvée Terroir"

The exclusive grape variety is CHARDONNAY, planted on chalky-clay soils that are very rich in limestone.

Almost all parcels are located in the village of Fuissé. On average, these vineyards are approximately 50 years old. Fuissé is an old roman village, surrounded by vine covered valleys.

Harvesting is done by hand in the traditional way. The wine is vinified in stainless steel tanks to preserve the natural fruit of the grape and the characteristic of each vintage.

Pouilly-Fuissé is a generous and rich wine, with an emerald-gold colour. The nature of the soil favours harmonious development of its fragrance, with a hint of hazelnuts and toasted almonds, and occasionally, exotic fruit. This wine can be kept for 6 years.

POUILLY-FUISSE should be served at 12° - 14°. Young, it will make a delightful aperitif. It goes well with shellfish, fish with sauce, quenelles, sweetbreads and foie gras.

» POUILLY-FUISSE "En Chatenet"

Planted by Maurice Luquet in 1958, this vineyard is located in the middle of the best slope ou Fuissé. It's a sloping hillside which benefits from maximum sunshine.
This chalky-clay soil, very rich in calcareous gives to the wine a mineral taste which goes very well with fish and sea food. This Pouilly-Fuissé could be aged 7 years.


This vineyard, located right in the middle of the village of Fuissé, between our estate and the church, was planted by our great-grandfather and our grandfather, Maurice Luquet, in 1927. It is the oldest of our vineyards still under cultivation.
The age of the vines, which results in smaller grapes, combined with the location of the vineyard within the village itself, means that the grape juice is more highly concentrated, and so this wine is richer, rounder and has more depth than our other wines.
Because this is a special wine, we have kept its original label, as an affectionate mark of respect for our grandfather Maurice, who passed on to us his passionate love of wine-making.
Best kept 5 - 7 years, it is a perfect accompaniment to fish, poultry and white meat (veal, pork, etc.)

» POUILLY-FUISSE "Bois Seguin"

In a perfect location on the west facing slopes of the Fuissé amphitheatre, the height of this sloping plot varies
between 355 m and 390 m.
The 50-year-old vineyard is sheltered from the wind by the surrounding woods.
The vineyard faces due East and so benefits from maximum sunshine.
The grapes are harvested by hand and vinification takes place in stainless steel vats, so as to respect the mineral content of the limestone soil, which is rich in calcium carbonate. This wine can easily be kept for 6 or 7 years.

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